Monday, March 19, 2007

My Learning Process

Multiplication is a very controversial topic as many feel strongly about how it should be taught. I thought that it would be very interesting to investigate rote memorization and the more traditional method of having children take more responsibility for their own learning. Throughout my research and creation of this blog, I have learned a great deal with relevance to multiplication and how it should be taught. I have come to realize that although rote learning is popular amongst many individuals, recent research has proven that there are more successful methods available.

If time had permitted I would have liked to dive further into this research to learn more about these methods that have proven to be the most successful. I would also like to research more invented strategies as understanding how children reason will give me great insight for when I begin my teaching career.

Overall, my journey into multiplication and, on a broader level, teaching mathematics in general, is just beginning. There is still much out there to learn and I am certain that with experience, I will become familiar with more strategies and with methods that I will find most useful when teaching others.


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sv650rider said...

I don't know if you still review this blog, but I'm a math tutor, and it seems to me that your statement indicates that there is a single best way to teach people math. Is that correct or do you think that it is possible that for some people memorization is the best method while others require different tactics. It is my opinion that you must understand each student in order to decide which combination of one or more methods are best to teach any principle (e.g. I learned best when I was taught multiplication by a combination of memorization and counting techniques). In this case any research on the best method fails to help those who don't learn like most people, leaving them in the dark or concluding that they can't learn a subject because the measure of best is simply which one works with most students. I think a better approach would be to determine which approach is best for a particular student.

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